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PPW - Gen-Xtreme
PPW - Gen-Xtreme
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Price: Regular price $169.00 Sale price $199.00

Gen-Xtreme features glycoproteins and BCAA's! 

  • 1 Bottle:   $199   $169
  • 2 Bottles: $399   $293
  • 3 Bottles: $599   $543 + 1 Free Bottle
  • 4 Bottles: $796   $656 + 1 Free Bottle
  • 6 Bottles: $1194 $1019 + 2 Free Bottles
  • 8 Bottles: $1592 $1133 + 2 Free Bottles


With Gen-Xtreme you can reduce muscle soreness dramatically due to the added BCAA's (otherwise known as branched-chain amino acids). Many other amino acids are digested in the liver but BCAA's are metabolized in lean body mass tissues which decreases muscle tissue atrophy.

Other benefits of BCAA's include:

  • Helps prevent fatigue during physical exertion
  • Helps the body recover from strenuous physical activity
  • Increases protein synthesis

PPW uses only USP grade materials with all products COA verified for quality control. We stand behind this product so much that we are offering a money back guarantee if you are unhappy with your results.


So which BCAA's are in Gen-Xtreme?

  1. Isoleucine is responsible for increasing endurance and helping to repair lean muscle tissues.

  2. Leucine helps to repair lean mass.

  3. Valine may help to remove excess nitrogen from the liver and deposit it around the body in areas where it is needed.



  • 1 bottle = 120 mL
  • Men and women
  • USP material & COA verified
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